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How To Wax Your Surfboard?

In Surfing on January 9, 2014 at 1:13 pm

I am on a roll with surf guides, this time one for complete beginners. Again the source of the wisdom is¬†or well…my own head. Things are pretty simple when it comes to waxing but if no one tells you how even the simplest things can lead to disaster:). So how to do it?

Lets pretend we are starting with a clean unwaxed surfboard. These are the steps:

1. Base coat or not? There is a special type of wax called base coat which in meant for that first layer of wax on your unwaxed board. Ii is really hard and resistant. It helps bond the normal wax to your board and it helps create lon lasting wax bumps – this is what you want.

2. Either way base coat wax or not, grab a bar of wax and start rubbing and use the edge not the flat part!

3. How to rub? Make sure it’s nice, even, and that you cover the whole deck without any bald spots. There are 3 ways to do it:

waxing1 waxing2 waxing3


Use anyone U want, invent your own… I usually start with first one, then continue to second. By this time the base coat has formed bumps and I can take normal wax and finish it off with third waxing technique.

NOTE: Wax temperatures

There is one base coat wax for all temperatures. Regular waxes come in 4 different types: COLD, COOL, WARM, TROPICAL. Use the right one for the temperature you will be surfing in!