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How To Design And Paint Your Surfboard

In Surfing on January 3, 2014 at 10:22 am





There are a few ways to paint your surfboard. First it’s the when you paint it:

  1. Paint on the blank before it is glassed. You can use airbrush, markers, colored epoxy… this means that you are involved into the surfboard making process, so most of the time this is not an option.
  2. Paint it while its laminated. There is a special technique with colored epoxy or polyester. Again you have to be involved in the making of the board.
  3. The most common way is to paint it when its finished. You get a white board and go crazy on it. The downside of this is that your art is exposed on the top of the board and needs to be protected or it will wash off. The fist two techniques are much more durable. But you can protect your art with a clear acrylic spray.

Then there are the painting techniques:

  1. Tinted epoxy or polyester. You can get interesting effects using this, blending colors etc…but it is the hardest way because you have to work fast before the resins harden.
  2. Airbrush. Get a spray gun with different nozzles and acrylic paint.
  3. Normal brushes. You can actually use any painting technique you want, just use acrylic colors and be careful not to put the colors on to thick.
  4. Markers. Using acrylic markers is the most popular and simple way to put your ideas onto the surfboard. The most popular brand are Posca pens. Get different sizes and colors and enjoy.

For ideas on what can be done and what to put on your board visit:


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