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A 3/2 Full Wetsuit

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A short article about one of the wetsuit models…might come in handy if you are a beginner when it comes to wetsuits. It depends on where you live and surf but generally a 3/2 wetsuit is probably the first wetsuit that you will buy when you gat more serious with water sports.

3/2 Wetsuit

A 3/2 fullsuit is a thinnest fullsuit intended for surf. Realistically you will discover 2mm fullsuits but these are categorized a lot more under springtime wetsuits as they are still used within more comfortable waters.

Exactly like the title informs you of a 3/2 whole wetsuit – fullsuit protects your entire body with the exception of your head, hands and feet.

The digits 3/2 present the thickness of neoprene used in this particular wetsuit. 3 stands for Three millimeters and 2 means 2 mm. Meaning that a 3/2 wetsuit is produced with neoprene of two distinct thicknesses, the heavier one is usually utilized on your whole body and lower limbs while the thin is commonly used on the arms and crotch area.

The main reason for this is actually better elasticity of your wetsuit. Thicker neoprene maintains your own core more comfortable at the same time slimmer neoprene allows for far more overall flexibility where you need it.

How you can verify wetsuit thickness? The numbers 3/2 are generally printed around the sleeve just across the wrist or simply just beneath your shoulder.

A 3/2 wetsuit is definitely produced for chillier ocean. If you happen to combine it with wetsuit boots it is possible to use it anywhere all the way down to 57F (14C). It’s not a firm number though; there are plenty of aspects that have an effect on at precisely what warmth a wetsuit can be utilized check some wetsuit thickness and temperature of water guide to garner more information.

3/2 wetsuit is not regarded as a wintertime wetsuit, it is someplace in between. Nevertheless a superb 3/2 already has all the features you may need inside a winter wetsuit.

Anyway…if you want more info on wetsuits there is a great wetsuit information site called WetsuitMegaStore. When you need to know more about wetsuits and the right wetsuit sizes for you then go here: click here.


After all the right fit IS the single most important feature when it comes to wetsuits.



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Portugal trip again :) 


Yeah…good times. Bit too much swell, Supertubos bo mostly closing out with a few inridden gems like this one.

Back From Portugal And Again To Portugal…Surfing Never Stops

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Surfing In Portugal

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It’s been a while since I surfed in Portugal, like 4 years I think. My surf travels took me more towards warmer places like Indo and Bali but it is soooo good to be back in Portugal. This used to be my usual winter 2-3 week getaway. Wild coast, crazy cliffs and amazing waves. Easy life. Will probably write something longer about this trip and surfing in Peniche later…

Bali Trip

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Just booked my next Bali trip. Yeah!

Winter Wetsuits

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It’s about time I write something over here. Since it’s winter time there is nothing else to write than about winter wetsuits.



Yep, there are people that go into the water in winter. There are places where water is so cold that even during the summer you need a winter wetsuit. Even more – there are people that go and surf places like Norway, Antarctica, Canada etc… there are no limits these days, all thanks to winter wetsuits.

So what do you need to know about them?

Full Wetsuit

These are full wetsuits meaning that they cover your whole body. You will need extra boots and gloves but the hood can be integrated or bought separately. By adding this extra gear – boots, gloves, hood you can use you wetsuit in even colder water.


Winter wetsuits start with 4/3 thickness. 4/3 means neoprene thickness in millimeters. For colder places you need 5/4/3, 5/3 or even 6/5/4 wetsuits. The thicker the warmer but also the thicker the clumsier and more restricting.


Stretchier neoprene is more comfortable to wear and less tiring. Then there is the warmth of the neoprene – more air bubbles it contains warmer it is. There is even new limestone neoprene that does not soak up water and has more gas bubbles that any other neoprene out there.

Stitches on your winter wetsuit

This is an important one – make sure it is at least blindstiched. This way water can not get into the wetsuit through the holes in the neoprene. Even better and a must in all todays better wetsuits is liquid seal – a seal that closes all the stitches so they are waterproof.

Zipper and entry systems

Zipper can leak water. So shorter is better. Or even system without a zipper – most wetsuit manufacturers have it, check it out. It’s a matter of taste I think.

Wetsuit Brands

The most well known wetsuit brands: X-Cel, O’Neill, Billabong, Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Body glove, Matuse, Gul, West… and many more. If you choose from these you can’t miss.

Hope this helps you with your winter wetsuit shopping.


Surfing At Lower Trestles

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Cool competition yesterday. The webcast was the most technical webcast so far. HD, water surf with me camera… cool stuff and great to watch. Kelly Slater won, he deservingly beat Bede in the finals but why the hell Taj always gets ripped off at Trestles. His carve tube carve air got him like a weak 8, Kellys tube got him a 9 and a half. What the?!?! To bad Dane faded a little bit towards the end… he is THE MOST exciting surfer to watch.