What kind of surfboard do I need?

In Surfing on January 4, 2014 at 10:23 am



I have made a list and counted around 23 different surfboard types:

  1. Shortboard (Thruster, Quad, Bonzer)
  2. Step Up Board
  3. Step Down Board
  4. Hybrid
  5. Egg
  6. Fish (Hybrid Fish, Lis Fish)
  7. Longboard (Mal) (Log)
  8. Mini-mal (Mini Malibu)
  9. Funboard
  10. Mini Gun / Semi Gun
  11. Gun
  12. Rhino Chaser
  13. Tow Board
  14. Aerial Board
  15. Alaia
  16. Planing Hull and Mini Simmons
  17. Softboard and Softtop
  18. Surfmat
  19. Kneeboard
  20. Paipo Board
  21. Bodyboard (Boogieboard)
  22. (Hydro)Foil Surfboard
  23. Skimboard

An extensive explanation of each surfboard type:

Each one has their own characteristics and use. The most common one with intermediate and better surfers is the shortboard. But if you are a beginner then look for mini malibu or hybrid. Any funboard and a longboard are also ok. You need something wide thick and stable so you will catch more waves and be more stable at takeoff. This way you will improve faster.

Don’t get a soft surfboard, they are used in schools and are great for first timers but I would never buy them as my first surfboard.



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