Why wear a wetsuit you ask?

In Wetsuits on March 13, 2009 at 11:32 am

There are many reasons and accasions when it is wise to wear a wetsuit. And there are times when wearing a wetsuit can even save your life. One thing is sure – without wetsuits the world of water sports today would be much smaller that it is. So in this article I will list the main reasons why should you wear a wetsuit and what are the benefits of wearing one.

1) Protection against hypothermia. There are times when water is so cold that no one in their sound mind would enter it without a wetsuit. So wetsuits are great because the allow us to surf,swimm,dive etc.. in the sea at temperatures that we would normally not be able to. But it is not just about the really cold water. Since water is 25 times more heat-conducting than air you lose your body heat much faster when you are in the sea. So even in warmer weather and water you can become hypothermic if you stay in too long without a wetsuit.

Wetsuit keeps you warm by catching a thin layer of water betwen your skin and the neoprene. This water si heated by your body heat and acts as insulation together with the neoprene itself. Neoprene is full of small closed cells – bubles that are filled with air and act as insulation. The only danger here is that your wetsuit is to big for you and that fresh cold water will constantly rush in and flush the warm water out. So be careful when you buy your wetsuit.

2) Protection. Wearing a wetsuit protects your body. Although not indestructible, the neoprene material is able to dampen any blows your body might receive. And between pieces of coral tearing your suit open, instead of your skin, it is perhaps wise to wear a wetsuit.

3) Buoyancy. Aside from that, wetsuits can protect poor swimmers. Due to the buoyant nature of neoprene, it will help you float better. It is not a life-vest, but it’ll help. These are the main reasons why most of us today could not imagine our world without a wetsuit.


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